Welcome to RM Equine Training

RM Equine Training is run by me, Rebecca (Bex), and I am a professional rider and coach

I am a BHS APC and have over a decade of experience professionally riding, coaching, and grooming at top level in the equestrian world.

I have groomed and ridden out for Olympic eventers, Point to Point trainers, National team dressage riders, para riders, and showjumpers. I also train and drive ponies with a former Junior National Champion, and have worked on a Thoroughbred stud, and at rehab yards. I have coached privately and for riding schools including Talland, and have taught Pony Club and Riding Club over the years.

I coach a variety of disciplines, focusing mainly on dressage and Working Equitation, though I do also teach polework and jumping. My main focus is ensuring that the basics are in place and I like to work with rider biomechanics to help riders become more comfortable, effective riders. Helping partnerships grow and improve is something I love being part of and firmly believe that though it may take time, improvements can always be made to both horse and rider.