Carol Atkins on Jeronimo at a training clinic photo by CFM Photograpy

Working Equitation Training Comp 8th August Fairoak Grange

This is a training competition (a bit like a test riding clinic) and will be run under ABWE rules. It will run like a Regional competition but with a little more flexibility. There will be coaching tips after each phase and coaching help in the obstacles if wanted. Guided course walks for EoH and Speed.

The day will run: Dressage, Ease of Handling, Speed.

Judge will be Carol Atkins, ABWE National Judge.

Please wear appropriate tack and dress – we will allow Western tack as it is a training competition but you will be competing HC (so you get all your marks but won’t be placed). Bits must be used and correct saddles – no bareback pads. Numnhas in the shape of the saddle and to match horse/saddle. You do not have to plait, but you will still get a presentation mark.

Classes from Walk and Trot through to Advanced and places are confirmed on payment.

Things to note about each level to help you determine which is most suitable for you if this is your first WE competition!

Walk and Trot – Dressage is purely walk and trot, the only level without reinback. The Ease of Handling is also all walk and trot (barrels are done once and only in trot) with an opportunity to show canter in a straight line between obstacles if you would like. Speed is as fast as you would like to do it.

Novice – Dressage is walk, trot, and canter. The EoH is walk, trot, and canter with a simple change (barrels done twice – once in trot once in canter with a simple change between the right hand barrel and the left). Speed is as fast as you’d like.

Inter B – Dressage is walk, trot, and canter with simple changes, leg yield, and counter canter. The EoH is walk, trot and canter with simple changes (barrels done once in canter with a simple change, the sidepole may be an L shape). Speed is as fast as you’d like.

Inter A – Dressage requires flying changes and half pass. The EoH is all paces with flying changes (barrels done once with flying change, side pole will be L shaped or two direction over single pole). Speed as fast as you’d like.

Advanced – Everything ridden with one hand. Dressage is all paces, multiple lateral movements. EoH same as Inter A. Speed as fast as you like.

If you have any questions pop me a message!

How to Enter

Payment to me made via PayPal using the button below. Cost is £30 per rider plus £2 admin fee.

£32 per entry

In your entry please state your name, your horse’s name, and the class you wish to enter. Any entries without these included will be refunded and you’ll have to enter again.

Please note that you must have attended a clinic (any WE clinic or a lesson with a WE coach) before you enter this training competition for safety reasons.

Entries will close when full or on the 26th July. Times will be sent out at least 3 days before the competition. Please note this is a full day of competition so ensure you bring food and water for yourself and your horse.


Spectator tickets cost £5 and include a guided course walk and ask the question session with the judge during the obstacle and speed rounds. This will also allow us to keep track of the limited number of spectators we can have so we can run a safe competition. Please pop your name and “spectator” in your paypal entry. Please note, spectator tickets are non-refundable and spectators will be checked on arrival.

Please contact me if you have any problems entering or would like to chat through levels etc. Looking forward to seeing you in August!

Jenni Winter-Leach on Sirius at a training clinic photo by CFM Photography
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