Rebecca (Bex) Markwick. Professional rider and coach. Coaching with horse and rider harmony in mind ensuring the basics are in place so that partnerships can progress in whatever direction their goals are.

Please see the document below for my Terms and Conditions and Booking Policy

Here you’ll find all of my services and prices. Included in the price is the knowledge that I am a fully insured BHS Accredited Professional Coach, which means I have up to date first aid, safeguarding, enhanced DBS, and CPD.


I offer riding and schooling of horses and ponies over 11.2hh.
£30 for half an hour
£45 for an hour

Please ensure your horse is in and tacked up when I am booked to ride otherwise an additional “waiting around” fee may apply!


£35 for a half hour private session
£50 for an hour private session
£35 per rider for group sessions of an hour

Please ensure you are tacked up and preferably on board when your lesson is due to start to ensure you get the most out of our time together.


I offer a lunging and coaching to lunge service.
£30 per lunging session carried out by me
£40 per lunging coaching session

Please ensure you have a hat, gloves, lunge line without knots, and a lunge whip before a lunging coaching session.
Please ensure horses are tacked up and have a lunging whip and a lunge line without knots available.


£12 per hour
For competition rates or day rates please contact me to discuss


I offer clipping services all year round. Discounts may be available for multiple horses and a discount of £5 is available for ponies under 13hh. Happy to mix and match to suit.

£25 bib and belly
£30 trace/irish
£35 blanket/chaser
£40 full (excluding legs)
£10 legs
£5 head

Please ensure horses are clean and dry before I arrive. Preferably bathed the day before to ensure a comfortable clip for the horse. Dirty horses will be charged an additional £8 to cover blade sharpening.


I offer dressage and Working Equitation clinics. These are organised in semi private hour long sessions. If you’d like to host clinics or book me to coach a day of clinics please contact me for pricing and details.

Cancellations will be refunded 100% on proof of a vet note up to a week in advance. Cancellations within a week of the clinic date will be refunded 50% on proof of vet note.

If a wait list is in operation and your space can be taken, a full refund will be given.

Cancellation within 48 hours of a clinic will not be refunded.

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